Saturday, December 3, 2022

Our Grinchmas Party!

Every year, we host a cookie decorating party for our neighbor friends to kick off the beginning of the Christmas season together. This year, we decided to try a Grinch-themed gathering, and it was SO much fun! 

Earlier in the week, Miss Maddie & B-man came over to help me make the Grinch cookies for decorating. It was a full day of baking, but they turned out great!

I also went through Mor-Mor's bins of "stuff" she's given me, and I found 20 things to wrap up as surprise packages for our secret Santa game! 

I also spent 2 days putting some finishing touches on the basement decorations...

It was finally party time! Luckily, everyone came with their holiday grinch spirit!

We had Grinch punch for the kids...

And everyone came dressed in Christmas jammies or Grinch clothes!

Cookie decorating was a hit!

There were some real winning cookies in the mix!

Even the adults got into it, and had a "Best Grinch Face" competition!

I'm a bit partial to my pieces of art, and in MY opinion, they were the clear winners!!!

... Especially when you see it next to some of the others!

Who do you think wins?????

The big surprise of the party is when the Grinch himself showed up to deliver the "crappy" surprise packages to the kids!

Not everyone was thrilled to see the giant green man, but they loved guessing their surprise packages!

The littlest one wasn't sure about his "not real" present, but he came around quickly on it!

Each family got a photo with the Grinch to wrap up an awesome celebration!

Merry Grinchmas everyone!

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