Sunday, July 25, 2021

Welcome to the family Luna!

Ozzy is a big brother! Welcome to our little feisty, spit-fire of a puppy, Luna!

Wait... WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? We might need to back up a little bit since this was a little shock to everyone!

The breeder that we used last time had an extra large litter of beautiful red mini goldendoodle puppies on June 4... I've been looking at their adorable pictures and shocked that 3 of the little puppies were not claimed due to the unexpectedly large litter in the summertime, when everyone is too busy to take on a new puppy. We joked around for a couple weeks about getting Ozzy a sister, but it wasn't until after we went to Long Island and saw how well he did living with Shamus that we secretly started thinking seriously about it. In fact, it was only this past Friday that we made the crazy choice to do it, and she was all ready to be picked up on Sunday! 

So, without the kids knowing our crazy thought process, we drove to pick her up and surprise everyone with our newest family member! Here are a few pictures looking back on her first few weeks with the breeder...

Luna was born "Dolly" on June 4th, and was a whopping 9 ounces! Her mom is Calli, a goldendoodle, and her dad is Chewy, a mini poodle. We are expecting her to be about the same size as Ozzy at 30 pounds when she's full grown!

We can't believe that little Dolly was still available after our Long Island trip, and I guess I took it as a "sign" that it was time for Ozzy to have his own playmate!

So, off we went to pick up our newest little family member and surprise our crew!

She slept a lot of the way home...

It was time to meet her new big brother, Ozzy!

Here's a video of Emily meeting Luna:

Here's a video of Abby meeting Luna...

Here's a video of Ben meeting Luna...

She found Ozzy's bed in the basement and claimed it as hers right away, and the crazy thing is that Ozzy takes up the whole thing! She's so tiny!

When we first got Ozzy, we couldn't get him to walk out of the driveway, so we were quite surprised when Luna took off running after us, playing ball and taking 1/2 mile walks on her first day!

She loves her snuggle puppy toy just like Ozzy does, and it looks like him too!

Our favorite neighborhood dog, Dierks, even had his people bring over a special welcome present for Luna! Our neighbors also came over for pizza the night we got her to welcome her to the neighborhood and everyone was so surprised!


She's fitting right in, playing ball, going on walks (she even tries to walk Ozzy on his leash), getting out of the gate (she's already a trouble maker), and climbs all over her new forever friend and brother, Ozzy. Hopefully he keeps up his tolerance with her, but so far, it's been SO cute watching them get to know each other!

Here's a video of Luna and Ozzy "cuddling"...

They're going to be besties!

Welcome to the family Luna Bug!

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Piercing day!

Today was impromptu beauty day! Our neighbor, Audrey, had an appointment to get her ears pierced, and after deciding we would go for moral support, a few more girls got on board with piercings too! Abby, Emily & Mackenzie all got their cartilage pierced and took the plunge together!

After the new piercings, we went out for some ice cream and swim at Miss Sara's pool (even though the piercers had to keep their ears dry)!

Prom Time!

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