Happy Halloween!

Halloween this year was a bit rainy, but it didn't slow our celebrations down! We still had our neighbor dinner of brain jello, pizza and spooky punch, followed by some trick or treating (some of the time it was even dry)!

Fall time in NC!

Fall time in NC went by quickly for me since I felt horrible from Covid for a lot of it, but we got to enjoy many of our favorite activities! The girls volunteered at the neighborhood Fall fest, and we all had fun carving pumpkins with neighbors to get ready for Halloween!


Student Coucil

We spent a crafting night with friends to help Emily make her posters to run for Student Council 8th Grade Representative. It was a fun variation to our Friday night routines and Emily appreciated all the support!

All our hard work paid off... She won!!!!! Congratulations Emily!

Paintball Time

Our friends all bought groupons to try paintball together, and we had a blast! I'll admit I hid behind things the whole time because I was terrified of getting shot, but I definitely knocked out a few people that way! We are always looking for new things to try and keep life interesting!

Abby's Homecoming Weekend

Abby had so much fun going to the homecoming dance and game as she started her Sophomore year of highschool already! She has some great girlfriends she went with, and they had an awesome time!


Homecoming weekend wouldn't be complete without going to the big football game, and they had a blast there too! It was definitely a fun-packed weekend for her!