Sunday, October 25, 2020

Lovin' our pup!

Ozzy has been doing great here and keeping us on our toes for sure! He loves to kiss, bite, chew, dig, run away & sleep his days away! Our boring "Covid" moments are definitely a thing of the past now!

He wasn't thrilled we covered up his digging hole...

He loves to hang out on the back porch, and LOVES playing with his water bowl!

He found digging in the rocks is pretty fun too, and a whole lot cleaner for us to deal with!

A lot of digging leads to a lot of baths!

He's awesome at cuddling and kisses!

He LOVES it when Brian and I are exercising or down on the floor doing some yoga!

All that playing and exercising gets pretty tiring, and he loves to sleep on the table on the porch!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Welcome to the Family Ozzy!

Well, Covid has had a positive effect on this family... and we've grown by one little 5-pound ball of fluff known as Ozzy! We've been waiting for him since July (although the kids only found out 7 weeks ago), and he's finally arrived in our home and thrown our lives into something resembling having a newborn again! It's been crazy, but we've been loving him so much! We're definitely not bored here anymore!

Welcome to the Beach family, Ozzy!

We decided to get a goldendoodle from a breeder because of all of our allergies (and it turns out we're allergic to him anyways, but we'll get used to it...)! His mom is a cow-print standard poodle named Missy, and his dad is a mini goldendoodle named Spencer! We had NO idea what these puppies would look like, but figured we'd give it a shot!

The breeder is right here in Raleigh, and she updated her Facebook posts all the time with news and tons of pictures of the puppies once they arrived! It was hard waiting for almost 3 months, but it was easier seeing all the posts and keeping up to date! We decided to wait to tell the kids until after the puppies were here safely, and that last 7 weeks was torture enough for them!

The mom finally had her puppy x-ray just 2 days before having them, and that's when we found out that she was expecting TEN puppies! We were 3rd on the waiting list to pick which puppy we wanted at 2 weeks of age...

Just a short time labor, all ten puppies arrived safely... There were 5 cow-print girls, 4 black boys and 1 black girl puppy to choose from!

Here was our first picture of little Ozzy that we would eventually choose...

The kids were so excited to get the surprise new that they were getting a dog, and here's a video to show you the moment they found out!

He wasn't even a pound at 2 days old, so he got some supplemental bottles in the beginning...

Here was a little video of the puppies at 2 days old so you can see how tiny they actually are!

It was so hard not being able to meet him in person to pick, but with Covid precautions, we had to settle for a Facetime video call! He came right to the camera with our voice though!

We got right to the job of picking a name, and the unanimous vote was for "Ozzy", named after our favorite all-star player from the show "Survivor" that we've come to love during this quarantine!

We loved all the video updates where we could watch Ozzy grow, and it was so fun watching him finally look like a puppy and play with toys!

We waited anxiously each week for their weigh-in, and Ozzy officially made the 5 pound cut-off by his vet visit at almost 7 weeks, so we got to bring him home a few days early and surprise the kids!

Pick up day was so exciting, and even though Ozzy was a little nervous in the car, he did AWESOME and the kids were SO excited when we got home!

He LOVES to roll around in the grass!

He was definitely VERY confused about what a leash was, and was so slow the first few days, that he didn't even need one!

The neighbors were all very excited to meet him as well!

Emily was still in shock that we actually got a dog, after all of her begging!

He's so tiny that he fits right through the fence in the backyard! (And he's gone through it to try to go up the neighbors stairs when he doesn't want to be out back...)

All of this playing and meeting everyone was exhausting, and he pretty much slept for 2 straight days...

The kids all slept in the living room the first night so they could take him out when he cried, but since the very first night, he's slept quietly in his crate with no accidents for 8-9 hours! He might have some accidents, but he's definitely an awesome sleeper!

When Emily does school out on the porch, Ozzy definitely likes to join her! (And Emily's over the moon about it too)!

Everyone loves this dog already, but Emily's on a whole other level of puppy love! This girl DEFINITELY needed a dog...

They love watching YouTube videos of puppies together!

This little guy woke up after 2 days and now has so much personality. He loves to play with his toys, chews on EVERYTHING, HATES to walk on his leash, LOVES to eat every leaf he can find outside, is obsessed with Emily's socks & Abby's hair, and is loving exploring the house... He found his toy bin quickly, but would rather just chew on it!

He's played so much and rolled around in so much dirt and grass, that he's already needed 2 baths!

He's still very sleepy in between his spurts of energy, and we REALLY enjoy the time he sleeps!

 It's been fun taking out the camera again to try and get some good shots, but now I understand how hard it actually is to photograph a black dog... I'm up for the challenge though and will keep trying so we can keep you updated on our newest addition!

This little guy has definitely stolen our hearts already and changed our lives! Again, welcome to the family, Ozzy!

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