I love bathtime!

I really love my bathtime... I could stay in there all day! I can even put up with my big sister poking me when I'm in there... and boy, does she love to do that!

Future Mathematician

I think I've already decided that I'm going to be a genius like my daddy when I grow up! This is my new favorite toy!


Mommy asked daddy to take me for a walk today, and this is what she found...

The face of summer

I LOVE SUMMERTIME!!!! As long as there's a pool, I am one happy girl!

6 weeks old!

I can't believe I'm already 6 weeks old today! I'm growing so big... I'm already 10 pounds, 4 ounces, and 21 3/4 inches tall! I love playing on my floor mat with my big sister, and I love listening to any toy that crinkles. I love bathtime, and hanging out in my "pack" that mommy and daddy wear. I'm sleeping pretty good most nights, only waking mommy & daddy one time to eat, but I still like staying awake for a while with my mommy around 3am... I don't think she likes it as much as I do though! I can't wait to see what the next 6 weeks bring for me!!!

Who's who????

Can you guess which one is a picture of me today, and which one is my sister, Abby, when she was about 6 weeks old? Mommy realized she dressed me today is the same outfit, and had to take a picture!

Aunt Jenna & Julia come to visit!

Aunt Jenna & my cousin Julia flew out to come and play with me & to meet my "Emily baby Paige". I'm so glad they did, because we had such a great time together!

We had so much fun together playing in the sandbox & blowing bubbles!

One afternoon, I took Julia to my favorite restaurant, Fudruckers, for some good food, some great games and a ride on the up and down horsies! I think she loved it as much as I did!

I think daddy & Jenna had more fun playing air hockey than we did...

Of course the highlight of the trip for me, as always, was my free sprinkle cookie that I got to pick out! I even shared it with Julia!

Thanks Aunt Jenna & Julia for a great visit!

Happy Mother's Day!

We just wanted to wish our mommy (and everyone else's mommy too) a VERY special Mother's Day! We love you!
-Abby & Emily

Mother's Day at the zoo

Mommy always says our house is like a zoo, so we decided to celebrate Mother's Day by going to a REAL zoo! It was Emily's first real outing, but she didn't see much since she was tucked away in her stroller sleeping the whole time... but I had a BLAST!!!

I got to feed SO many animals! There were chickens & roosters to feed (I wasn't too scared, but birds are DEFINATELY NOT my favorite!!!!)...

There were very "dirty" sheep...

There were several different kinds of bears, one of which was REALLY big! Did you know they eat animal crackers just like you and me????...

Daddy & I fed the elk...

and the deer went CRAZY for food!!!...

Even thought there were so many cool animals, and I loved feeding them all, my favorite thing to do was just run ahead by myself, up and down all of the hills, and pick some flowers for mommy...

I started our trip around the zoo on their cool tire swing with daddy, and ended it with a silly swing I could do all by myself! They had just poured fresh mulch to raise the ground, and let's just say I didn't need any help getting on the swing!

Thanks for a great trip! Hope you had a happy Mother's Day mommy... I know I did!!!

Mor-Mor comes to visit!

My Mor-Mor came to visit this past weekend, and she got to meet my Emily baby! It was so fun having her here, and she let me help her make all kinds of cookies for mommy & daddy. I even got to make sprinkle cookies for myself to eat! Thanks for a great visit Mor-Mor!