Thursday, September 29, 2011

8 weeks old!

I’m going to be 8 weeks old tomorrow! Can you believe how fast I’m growing up? I’m still an AWESOME baby, and sleep very well, although I do have my fussy times, much to everyone’s shock! I’m becoming more expressive these days, and have learned to “smile” with my whole body… I’ve even cracked a few real smiles here and there! Abby even got one out of me this morning! But the most expressive look I have melts mommy’s heart… my sad face. I can get whatever I want when I whip that one out!



I’m also beginning to like playing on my playmat… especially when I have some alone time with out my other “mommy’s” falling all over me!


Monday, September 26, 2011

My first film!

Today, daddy taught me how to make my first stop motion animated film, just like Gumby! He helped me set up the scene, but I got to do all of the photography! Check it out! (And pay no attention to the two-year-old playing behind the dollhouse)!

- Abby

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It’s Ballet Time!

I’ve been waiting for this day FOREVER, and it’s finally here! I started ballet classes today! I had so much fun, and can’t wait for my very first big recital in June!






Monday, September 19, 2011

I really believe I’m “Relli”!

To cope better with the arrival of my little brother “Benjin”, I’ve taken to  wearing my “Relli” (Cinderella) dress ALL the time! Mommy’s only rule is that I can’t wear it when I’m sleeping or playing outside… everything else is fair game! SO, I wear I around the house, during meals, out shopping, to the doctors office, to playdates… ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE I can think of! I put in on the moment I get up in the morning, and take it off just before bed. I have a feeling I know what I’ll be for Halloween this year especially since I won’t even LOOK at another princess dress)!



Here I am sporting my dress while Abby & I dance to “Annalise”… one of our favorite dancing movies!:

Here I am saying grace before dinner… Unfortunately, mommy didn’t get on video the time I prayed for my “Relli dress, Relli shoes & Relli crown”…

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A morning at the park

The weather was perfect this morning, so we went to the park to fly a kite and hang out on the playground. Weekends spent playing with daddy are the best!

-Abby & Emily (& Ben, even though he slept in the stroller again…)








IMG_9283 IMG_9285



IMG_9274 IMG_9281

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Working on a 1920’s farm

Mommy & I have been reading “Little House on the Prairie” together each night before bed, and we decided to take a family trip to the 1920’s historical farm near our house to check out what farm life was like long ago. Even though a lot of this wasn’t around yet for Laura Ingalls, we had SO much fun working on the farm for the day!



IMG_9035 IMG_9046

We got to see lots of farm animals… cows, pigs, chickens, barn cats, sheep & horses!






Emily even cleaned up the barn… All she needed was her “Relli” dress to complete the day!


We both got to try churning butter like they did years ago…

IMG_9053 IMG_9055

I tried building a log cabin just like Pa did in our story… I didn’t get very far…


Emily liked sitting at the old sewing table…


Then came my FAVORITE part of our trip… We got to do the laundry!!!! It was A LOT of work back then, but SO much fun! First we had to pump the water from the well…





Then you had to scrub it on the washboard…



Next you had to rinse it in the clean tub…


And finally, we had to hang it out to dry!

IMG_9094 IMG_9111

Mommy’s so glad she doesn’t have to do the laundry this way, but we loved it! Check out our video:

We also got to pump more water & tend to the garden!



IMG_9157  IMG_9160

We even got to see an old carriage just like in our book and ride on an old Ford car!


IMG_9210 IMG_9215

Ben missed all the fun, but had a great time sleeping in his stroller and being outside! He’ll LOVE this place someday!


What an awesome day!


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