I really believe I’m “Relli”!

To cope better with the arrival of my little brother “Benjin”, I’ve taken to  wearing my “Relli” (Cinderella) dress ALL the time! Mommy’s only rule is that I can’t wear it when I’m sleeping or playing outside… everything else is fair game! SO, I wear I around the house, during meals, out shopping, to the doctors office, to playdates… ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE I can think of! I put in on the moment I get up in the morning, and take it off just before bed. I have a feeling I know what I’ll be for Halloween this year especially since I won’t even LOOK at another princess dress)!



Here I am sporting my dress while Abby & I dance to “Annalise”… one of our favorite dancing movies!:

Here I am saying grace before dinner… Unfortunately, mommy didn’t get on video the time I prayed for my “Relli dress, Relli shoes & Relli crown”…

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