Sunday, October 25, 2015

Our Disney World Vacation!

We’re back from our surprise Disney World vacation, and Mommy’s finally finished going through the pictures, so here it is! There is a different blog post for each day, and they are in order of our trip, so you don’t have to work backwards this time! Here are a list of the posts in order if you want to skip around! Enjoy!

1. Day 1: Surprise! We’re going to Disney!

2. Day 2: Magic Kingdom

3. Day 3: Back to Magic Kingdom for Splash mountain and a royal breakfast!

4. Day 4: Hollywood Studios and lunch with the Disney Jr. gang!

5. Day 5: Last day at Magic Kingdom & Space Mountain! 

6. Day 6: Time to leave Sad smile

Our super big surprise: Day 1

Mommy and Daddy told us earlier in the week that they had ordered a super awesome present for us, and that if it happened to arrive late at night, they would wake us up early before school, so we would have time to open it! We had no idea what surprise was in store for us…


They woke us up a little before 6am on Friday morning, and we were tired and confused…


We had NO IDEA what “magic bands” were…


Good thing Mom wrote us a note explaining it all! Then it slowly began to sink in…









Check out our reaction to the news!

We had NO idea the amount of planning that Mommy had been doing behind our backs! She signed onto our Disney account everyday to make the dining reservations, plan our park days, book our fast passes, and a million other little things. (We think she just liked signing on to see how many days left we had to go)!


She was also stressing out about the weather, which turned out to be PERFECT for our trip!


She was also secretly busy booking flights, packing our bags & getting everything ready to go on the Disney Magical Express bus when we arrived!


She even shopped and wrapped gifts for us to have every day we were there!


She had been packing our bags while we were at school each day, and then lugging it all back up to the attic to hide it before we got home! She was so excited to finally get them in the car the day before we left!


We were exhausted, but SO excited to go to the airport! We’ve been wanting to go on a plane FOREVER!



19 20




24 25


Ben did AWESOME on his very first plane ride!

27 28


We were busy coloring on the plane to pass the time, and Emily colored pictures to give the princesses, which of course, we forgot to do…


Mommy & Abby kept busy with some coloring too…


We loved our flight, but were a little nervous with taking off and landing…

Once at the airport, we took the air train to get to the Magical Express Disney bus!



35 36



We stayed at the Hawaiian resort, the Polynesian, and we got lei’s when we arrived!

39 40

The hotel was beautiful!



There was one more big surprise for us waiting at the hotel…


Only Nannie & Grandpa’s room was ready, so we all headed straight out to Epcot! We hit our first transportation problem of the week, when the second monorail wasn’t in service, so we had to take a bus, which took us right back past our resort! Unfortunately, we missed our very first Fastpass because of this, but we made it there, so we didn’t really care! We were in DISNEYWORLD (and NOT school)!!!!!



We headed over to The Seas with Nemo and Friends! Ben assumed his spot for the week on Grandpa’s shoulders…

52 53



Emily LOVED watching the Manatees eating their lunch of lettuce…

58 59

The highlight of Epcot for us was going to “Turtle Talk with Crush”! It was a funny interactive show where we got to talk to Crush from the movie, “Finding Nemo”! He was totally funny, dude!


Before heading out, we had to get some Mickey ice creams!

48 49

Back at our hotel, we checked out all the goodies in our room, ordered pizza, opened our first gift of Disney jammies, and got a good night’s rest for our first early day in Magic Kingdom the next morning!



64 65a

We couldn’t WAIT for the morning!

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