Meeting Dr. Levine

This is Dr Levine... The doctor that helped mommy and daddy have me, by doing IVF. They went through alot, but I'm sure glad they did! Dr. Levine was so excited to meet me. Mommy calls him "God's little helper"!

These were the 3 embryos that Dr. Levine picked to put in mommy's tummy! I'm glad I didn't have to share that space with TWO other babies!!! Can you tell which one is me????

These are some pictures of me growing inside my mommy. I was pretty busy those 9 months!

My daddy knows fashion!

While mommy slept in this morning, daddy picked out my outfit and got me dressed all by himself! Not bad, right!?

Big girl crib

Mommy says I sleep too loud, and am keeping her and daddy up at night. So, at only 6 weeks old, I got the boot into my big girl crib in the nursery. Actually, I think I kind of like it in here!

Small packages...

"Babies are God's proof that the best things do come in small packages!"

Geek in training...

My daddy has me training already to be all nerdy! I'm actually pretty good with a computer if you ask me... at least I can find the mouse! (It's alot harder to do that in Goodnight Moon!)

Sweet sleeper

Mommy & daddy had it easy in the beginning... all I did was sleep (mostly during the day!) I don't know what they were complaining about!!!