Sunday, November 1, 2020

Happy Halloween!

Even with Covid numbers rising this day, we still had a lot of Halloween fun! Costumes, pumpkin carving, scavenger hunts, friends and even some safe trick or treating! 

Ozzy was a cute little spider this year... when he wasn't trying to eat his legs off!

Abby made a pretty epic Hogwarts castle pumpkin on her own this year!

Abby was a Hufflepuff school girl from Harry Potter, Emily was an anime character, and Ben was a creepy ghost skeleton... with a built in mask and gloves to keep him safe!

We were able to walk around for some trick or treating with our neighborhood friends that we've been living our Covid life with these days...

People set up some great safe trick or treating stations, with hand sanitizer, pre-bagged treats, candy out on tables and even some fun candy chutes!

As always, Ben was the first to be done!

It wouldn't be Halloween without the brain jello and blood punch! We're glad we got to enjoy these treats since mom is making us keep all our candy out in the garage for a couple days to "kill the rona"!

In case you need help to not eat all your candy, Ben is happy to give his opinion on the matter!

We hope you all had a safe, fun Halloween too!

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Lovin' our pup!

Ozzy has been doing great here and keeping us on our toes for sure! He loves to kiss, bite, chew, dig, run away & sleep his days away! Our boring "Covid" moments are definitely a thing of the past now!

He wasn't thrilled we covered up his digging hole...

He loves to hang out on the back porch, and LOVES playing with his water bowl!

He found digging in the rocks is pretty fun too, and a whole lot cleaner for us to deal with!

A lot of digging leads to a lot of baths!

He's awesome at cuddling and kisses!

He LOVES it when Brian and I are exercising or down on the floor doing some yoga!

All that playing and exercising gets pretty tiring, and he loves to sleep on the table on the porch!