Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Yeah! It's finally Halloween!!! I woke up ready to go trick-or-treating this morning at 7am, but mommy and daddy made me wait until 11 o'clock. I LOVE my cinderella princess dress from Mor-Mor, and Emily was such a cute little ladybug.


Come on daddy... I can't wait to show Mister Al my princess costume!

We went so early, half the neighborhood was still in their PJ's!!! Don't they know a 2-year-old lives on the block and can't wait?!

Emily puked all over her costume at the very first house...

Three houses later I was all done and ready to go home and check out all my loot... M&M's are my favorite!

Kit kat's aren't too bad either!

Emily was checking it all out too...

Happy Halloween everyone... now bring on the Christmas tree (I've been talking about this for weeks!!!)

Here's a video of me giving my favorite neighbor some candy ( I was very excited and had had a little too much candy already myself)!:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Autumn fun!

Uncle Ry-Ry and I helped daddy out by raking up some leaves, and he made a big pile for me to jump in! Autumn is really SO cool...


Mommy says this is a classic Emily shot:

Emily didn't exactly love it when she fell down in the leaf pile...

Pumpkin carving

I've never carved a pumpkin before, and ever since learning the letter "J" in school for "Jack-o-lantern", I've been talking about it nonstop. Well, today was my day! We set ourselves up outside (mommy thought it might be messy for some reason), and I got to help carve our pumpkins!


Mommy had a hard time cutting through Emily's pumpkin:

At first, I thought the inside of the pumpkin was really yucky...

...but then, I LOVED squishing it in my fingers!:

Mommy even let me paint my ugly pumpkin, and she said it even helped it a little bit:

I enjoyed painting myself too!:

I love teasing Uncle Ry-Ry:

Emily was very intrigued at mommy painting her hand for our special "sister" pumpkin:

But she sat pretty still, and it turned out great!:

Daddy was VERY good at pumpkin carving this year!:

He made Emily & I the coolest pumpkins on the block!:

Pumpkin Picking

Today was a beautiful fall day, so we took a family trip to the pumpkin farm to find the "perfect" one! We had so much fun on the hayride, picking pumpkins, feeding the animals at the petting zoo, and playing on all the hay attractions that were there! It was even more special this time because Uncle Ry-Ry got to come with us!


Emily is SO much better at looking at the camera and smiling than I am these days...

Daddy always finds the best pumpkins...

My favorite pumpkin was a really ugly one that mommy said I could get as long as I carried it. I thought it was the perfect one!

Sisters are the best!

I LOVED the hay bale tunnel, feeding the horses, and climbing on the hay bale tower with daddy and Emily!

We had so much fun... I can't wait until next year to do it all again!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years from some of the neighborhood ladies who rang in the new year together!  I was solo at the party this year because Brian cam...