Thursday, October 8, 2009

6 months old!

I am growing up SO fast... can you believe I am already half a year old already?!?!? I just thought I'd share with everyone a little bit about my life right now:

* Things I like:
- Trying to sit up (I can do it for about 15 seconds now before folding over)!
- Playing on my play mat & pulling on all my toys
- Playing in my excersaucer (probably my FAVORITE place to be)
- Hanging out in my swing (not for too long though)
- Hanging out in the church nursery on Sunday's (now my sister is another story...)
- My binkies!
- Bathtime
-"Talking" all the time (although mommy says it's more like screaching)
- Smiling, laughing & being tickled
- Watching my big sister and my doggie play (I could watch them for hours)!
- I still love being swaddled when I sleep
- Putting everything in my mouth... especially my feet!
- Grabbing everyone's hair, glasses... whatever I can get my hands on.
- My mommy (I cry when she leaves the room now)!

* Things I don't like:
- When people don't pay attention to me!
- When mommy puts my cream on at night & all I want to do is eat & go to sleep!
- Being in the car for a long time
- Rice cereal (I just started it this week, but it's too bland for me... I much prefer bananas!)
- Getting stuck on my tummy

* I still puke about 100 times a day, and take my reflux medicine, but it doesn't slow me down!
* I still have bad excema, and get greased up 3 times a day... I'm pretty slippery these days!
* I am still VERY serious most of the time, and can win a staring contest with ANYONE... mommy says I'm going to be her serious, thinking child!
* I take 2-3 naps a day, for either 45 minutes OR 2 hours... mommy NEVER knows what I'm going to do!
* Most nights I go to sleep at 7:30pm, and get up between 4-6am to have a snack. Then it's back to sleep until 7:30 or so. Not too bad, right?!?!?

Mommy made me my very first 1/2 birthday cake today! Daddy requested carrot cake, and mommy figured since I couldn't eat it anyway, it would be fine... but I sure tried to get at it! I was so close too!

I love my big sister! She's going to LOVE watching me grow over the NEXT 6 months!

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