Thursday, October 22, 2009

Uncle Ry-Ry is here!

My Uncle Ry-Ry flew all the way to my house on an airplane, just to see me, and to meet Emily! We've been having SO much fun together (even though it may not seem so in some of the pictures... I HATE smiling for the camera these days). The first day he was here, we took him to the zoo that he bought us a membership to, and even though there weren't alot of animals out, we had a great time!

The zoo was setting up for their "Zoo Boo", so they had spooky stuff set up all over the place. I found these skulls laying on the ground, and I felt the need to straighten them up for them... I was just helping out!

After our trip to the zoo, we walked over to the park, and I had a blast with Ry-Ry... he's like a big kid!

This was Emily's first trip to the park, and she REALLY loved the swings!

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