Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome Shamus!

We went to my Aunt Bridget's house this weekend to celebrate her 30th birthday & to meet my new puppy cousin, Shamus. He's SO cute, and Mommy & Daddy says he looks just like my Cody dog did when she was a baby! Cody didn't really want Shamus to play with her, so I played with her instead all afternoon. We were exhausted from all the running! Happy birthday Bridget, and welcome to the family Shamus!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Just checking in...

It's been a while since I've posted, so I thought I'd get on and let everyone know how I've been doing. Mommy took me to the doctor this morning, and I've grown an inch (22 1/2"), gained a pound (11 1/2 lb.), and the doctor said I'm doing great! I still have bad baby acne & even worse cradle cap, but mommy & daddy say I'm beautiful! I still spit up ALL the time, and my big sister is getting LOTS of practice helping mommy EVERY day clean all of the laundry I make for them! I'm starting to get a little less fussy, although I still like to be held a lot, or ride around in the pack. I really hate my car seat, love my playmat (if you don't leave me alone there), love bathtime, and FINALLY started really smiling this morning for mommy. She said it makes everything worth it! She's still trying to get a good picture, but I like to save them for her to enjoy, and am a bit camera shy. When I start sharing them a bit more, I'll post my big grin for everyone to see... I have to say, it's really cute!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We made daddy some very special coasters for Father's Day this year, and he LOVED them! Mommy also put together a pretty frame for him with pictures of us... Happy Father's Day daddy! We love you!
-Abby & Emily

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thanks Mor-Mor!

It's been so much fun having my Mor-Mor visit... we've baked cookies, had tea parties, made play-doh, and she even took me on the up and down horsies at the mall! Thanks for everything Mor-Mor!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I did it!

I can FINALLY blow bubbles with my mouth without help, without a bubble gun, and without getting them in my mouth! I was so excited!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My new slip-n-pool

Daddy bought me a slip-n-slide (which I like to call my "slip-n-pool"), and we got to try it out today! I couldn't tell who loved it more... me, daddy, or Emily baby sister!

Street fair fun!

Mommy found a street fair going on in a town near ours, and we decided to take a trip to check it out today... I LOVED IT!!!! There were so many things going on, and I couldn't decide what to do, so I talked mommy & daddy into doing EVERYTHING!

There were crafts, and I made what mommy said was a BEAUTIFUL flower...

Daddy showed me some carnival games, and I won a really cool NEMO balloon (can you believe I picked NEMO over DORA?!?!?)...

There was face painting, but since I was a little nervous, the lady painted "Blue" from Blue's Clues on my hand instead... it had glitter and everything! She said I did such a good job sitting still...

Daddy shared his funnel cake with me...

I got to ride on my very first pony in the parking lot of the bank!!!... I held on really tight, but daddy wanted to stay right by me, and I'm kinda glad he did because those ponies were big!...

Daddy & I fed the goats and sheep in the petting zoo, although they kept stealing it all out of my cup!

Then I saw it... THE BIG SLIDE!!!!! I climbed up and went down ALL by myself!...

It was REALLY hard leaving the slide behind...

There was a tent from the "Little Gym", and they let me play on all the equipment. Mommy thinks I'm going to be a gymnist when I grow up...

There were balloons EVERYWHERE, and at one booth, they even made me my very own flower!

Mor-Mor was so sweet and bought me my very own Dora shirt... thanks Mor-Mor!

We even got to have hotdogs for lunch... my new favorite!!

Even Emily enjoyed a little time out in the sun!

To top it all off... before leaving the fair, we stopped at Friendly's and all shared a chocolate Fribble (or "drink ice cream" as I like to call it)!

Could this day have been ANY cooler??? Thanks mommy, daddy & Mor-Mor, I had a blast!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Aunt Bridget's shower

We went to Nannie and Grandpa's house this weekend for my Aunt Bridget's bridal shower. It was my first shower, and I LOVED it! It was a beautiful day, and they had a REALLY big tent set up in the back yard. She had lots of guests, and TONS of presents! I can't wait until I can have one of these, but mommy & daddy say I have to wait a LONG time...

Nannie & Grandpa were so proud of Aunt Bridget!

This was the first time Dancey-Dancey got to meet Emily! Both my great-grandma's were so happy to see her!

Everyone had so much fun at the party... especially when daddy served all the ladies cosmo's and apple martinis!!!

Aunt Bridget loved the baking kit from Emily & I... I can't wait to make sprinkle cookies with her in her new kitchen!

I got to be in the bridal party pictures too, because I'm going to be the flower girl!

Everyone was pretty exhausted from all the partying, but Emily was the only one that fell asleep AT the party... SEVERAL TIMES! Can you imagine that?!?!?!

Prom Time!

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