Saturday, December 31, 2022

Holiday Fun in Florida

We took a family vacation to Florida the day after Christmas until New Years Eve this year, and our time together was filled with SO many awesome memories! Thank you again to Nannie & Grandpa for making it happen, and check out all the fun things we did!

Friday, December 30, 2022

Enjoying the Florida Sun

Our last day and a half in Florida were quite beautiful, and we slowed down our pace to enjoy some swimming, reading, sunbathing & mimosa drinking by the pools! We all needed a perfect ending like that to a busy trip!

Apparently between summer and winter, some of us forgot how to apply sunscreen... at least they didn't burn!

This was the part of the trip I couldn't wait for!

There was no lack of fun to be had in the 6 different pools, several hot tubs, 2 lazy rivers, splash pads & waterslides! It was definitely a great time for everyone!

We even had a poolside lunch one day and saw Captain Jack Sparrow there!

Grandpa has been the butt of Kevin's "alligator arms" joke for a long time now, but for the record, he is super generous, and we are so thankful he and Nannie have given us the opportunity to make so many fun family memories together!

Maddy was thrilled with her hair braid!

And Liam was thrilled with his matching tattoo to Kevin's!

I even FINISHED my book while I was at the pool! It was a Christmas miracle since I started it on my flight to Michigan for Thanksgiving!

As the sun set on our last day together, I felt so blessed to have had this time with family. Thank you again, to everyone for their generosity, help with planning, and awesome attitudes on our latest adventure!

Thursday, December 29, 2022

A Night at Disney Springs

We spent one evening strolling (slowly and more like herded like cattle) through Disney Springs. The lines to just get in the stores were around the buildings, so we only went in one, but as always, there wasn't a line for my photo ops!!!

Maddy insisted on a trip into the M&M store, and I have to give it to her... it really was a cool store!

Kevin and Emily really embraced the photo op spots! Thanks guys!!!

The outside of the Lego store was awesome, as always!

We headed to dinner at Raglan Road, which was an Irish pub with Irish dancing, and thankfully we had made a reservation 2 months ago so we even got a table!

After dinner, we went to the amazing Cirque du Soleil Disney show, which was SO much fun! Thank you to Nannie & Grandpa for yet another special treat on our adventure!

Back at the resort, we even got to watch some fireworks over the buildings at night! It was a fun way to end our evenings!

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