Monday, December 26, 2022

Exploring and Ice Skating Fun!

The view from our presidential suite balcony in the morning got us very excited to explore a little bit that morning, and the younger kids couldn't wait to check out the pools (even though it was only 60 degrees!)

The dads found the warmest pools, the best slides, the most sunny spots, and of course where the poolside bars were located!

The cozy spots we found around the lake were beautiful!

Madelyn had a "Buddy the Elf" moment in the elevator, and that's when we knew she couldn't be our button pusher on this trip...

Since our first day together was on the cool side, and Emily was dying to try out her new skates she got for Christmas, we found an ice rink to go to with our cousins!

They had awesome "seals" that new skaters could push or ride, which was awesome for our beginners!

Grandpa even got out on the ice for a minute before he fell and realized he probably shouldn't skate...

Liam got the award for the most determination! He stayed out the whole hour, even after we took a huge spill together, and really wanted to learn!

Madelyn LOVED getting pushed around the rink on her seal!

Emily is a great teacher!

Later on, back at the hotel, of course, everyone found ice cream with Grandpa!

The kids had an awesome time exploring one night together without the parents, and surprised us with a ton of selfies they took during their adventures! It's so nice having older kids now!

Everyone is having a blast, and the adventures just keep on coming!

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