Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Happy Belated 70th Birthday Grandpa!

On December 20, Grandpa had his 70th birthday, so we knew we wanted to celebrate when we were all together. Since our trip "hiccups" prevented us from decorating the room for him before we got there, and he wouldn't take the hints to leave the room a couple times so we could do it, we just gave up and took him to a special dinner of meat at Fogo de Chao! 

I've never been anywhere where there was so much MEAT to try, and the boys definitely loved the experience!

Since our decorating plan fell through, we decided to give Grandpa his birthday card at dinner, as well as the 70 pictures I had printed of him since he was a baby, to show him just how special he has been to us over the years. 

We bought him an oversized card so he could read it!

We all had fun coming up with our own jokes for him, as that is what Grandpa is "best" at!

He was definitely surprised, and overwhelmed with our well wishes & love!

We had an awesome time looking through all of the pictures together!

The restaurant brought him a birthday sundae so we could sing to him... Little did we know the whole restaurant would do their part, and he got two more birthday songs sung to him- one in Spanish and one in Portugese! It was a special time for sure!

When we got back to the hotel, we brought out his decorations anyway, to wrap up an awesome night of celebrating Grandpa's 70 years!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

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