Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Summer is on the way!

I got a little glimpse into the summer ahead this past weekend, when it was almost 90 degrees everyday! Mommy, daddy & Nannie (she was here for a few days) thought it was too hot, but I loved every minute of it! I got to play outside on my swingset, in the sprinklers with daddy, and even in my pool! I had a blast!

I even helped daddy mow the lawn!

Friday, April 24, 2009

My first bath

I had my first bath tonight, and it was a family affair! Daddy took pictures, while Abby helped mommy wash my toes, and Cody kept trying to take my bath toys away. This house it crazy!!! I loved every minute of it though, and didn't make a peep!

This is SO boring... PLEASE let me go back to bed!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2 weeks old

Hi everyone! I'm 2 weeks old today, and just thought I'd check in with everyone! I'm doing great at home, waking up most nights only once to feed (although I throw a couple rough ones in there too, just to keep mommy & daddy on their toes), I love being held by anyone who will hold me (I'll even settle for my big sister holding me!), I've decided I'm going to start trying to stay awake more now... there's just too much to see to be sleeping the whole day (and night) away, and I think I even found my hand today by accident! Life is amazing!

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's an exhausting life I lead...

All this eating, pooping & being held is exhausting... now if I could only fall asleep this easily at night!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone, it's Emily here! I thought it was time to introduce myself and write my very own 1st blog entry. My big sister Abby has been doing such a good job with it over the past 2 years, but she says I can share it with her now, and even write my own entries (with a little help from my mommy).

I'm looking forward to keeping you all up to date on how big I'm growing! This day, I even tried keeping my eyes open for a whole 10 minutes during the day, and mommy was able to catch a picture of it! (I'm just like my mommy... I like my sleep... at least during the day, that is)!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! This year, I had a very special Easter, as it was the day that my baby sister came home from the hospital! I had a very busy morning with my Nannie & Aunt Bridget to get ready for the day... we started out by dying Easter eggs, decorating them with Dora stickers, and then we had an egg hunt when mommy, daddy & Emmy got home!

Then, Aunt Bridget & I made a special Easter bunny birthday cake for Emmy, and I got to decorate it with "brinkles"! I think she loved it, but for some reason, mommy wouldn't let her have any of it... maybe next year Emmy, when you're a big girl like me!

Mommy had special Easter baskets for both Emmy & I, and I finally got the pink soccey ball that I have been asking for!

Happy Easter everyone!

Emily's home!!!

Emily came home from the hospital on Easter Sunday. I was so excited to see her in her car seat, and get her into the house so I could hold her. We've been waiting SO long to have her here, and I am so excited she is finally part of our family! Welcome home Emily!

Here is a little video to show you how excited I was to have Emily come home!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Emily Paige has arrived!

The long awaited arrival of my little sister, Emily "Emmy" Paige, is finally here! She was born on April 8, 2009 at 11:06am. She was a whopping 7 pounds, 13 ounces, and 20 1/2" long! Mommy said she looks just like I did when I was born!

She had a few problems breathing in the beginning after swallowing some fluids during the delivery, so she had to spend 2 days in the NICU. She was on a breathing machine called C-Pap, an IV for fluids, and she had a little drainage tube in her mouth that went into her tummy. When most of her tubes were out, I got to see her for the first time through the window, and I kept saying to the nurse "Open the door please... I hold my baby sister!" She looked so sad there, and mommy & daddy had a hard time, but thankfully she got better really quick, and was able to go to mommy's room after just 2 days!

When Emily was back in mommy's room, she had lots of visitors come to hold her. Nannie & Grandpa, GG, Aunt Bridget & Uncle Kevin, and mommy's labor & delivery nurse, Sara, were some of the people who wanted to come and meet her... and me of course!

I got to visit mommy & Emmy every day at the "hosibal", and I LOVED holding her as much as I could! She has the tiniest toes, and she's SO cute! I know we're going to be best friends! Now I just have to think of a new name for OUR blog! Welcome to the world Emily!

Here's a little video of me meeting my baby sister for the first time... I was SO excited!

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