Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! This year, I had a very special Easter, as it was the day that my baby sister came home from the hospital! I had a very busy morning with my Nannie & Aunt Bridget to get ready for the day... we started out by dying Easter eggs, decorating them with Dora stickers, and then we had an egg hunt when mommy, daddy & Emmy got home!

Then, Aunt Bridget & I made a special Easter bunny birthday cake for Emmy, and I got to decorate it with "brinkles"! I think she loved it, but for some reason, mommy wouldn't let her have any of it... maybe next year Emmy, when you're a big girl like me!

Mommy had special Easter baskets for both Emmy & I, and I finally got the pink soccey ball that I have been asking for!

Happy Easter everyone!

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