Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Chinese Lantern Festival

Since the weather has been beautiful, and we wanted to stay outside in the fresh air as much as possible, we checked out the Chinese Lantern Festival near our house with our cousins. It was a beautiful light display, the chinese acrobat show was fun, tailgating with Chick-FIL-A in the car was awesome, and it was a beautiful night together. It got crowded pretty quickly, and we REALLY don't want COVID, so we decided to head out early and go back for a campfire at the house before everyone left the next day. We missed Nannie and Grandpa on our adventure, but we're glad we were still able to go!

I think the tunnel of hanging Wisteria flowers was the favorite for Emily & I!

Sisters always having fun!


Madelyn loved when the peacock rose it's feathers! It was beautiful!

Everyone loved the glow in the dark swings!



The light up piano, musical stars & cannon of smoke were highlights too!


We found a good place to watch the acrobat show away from a lot of the crowds...

We each found our Chinese Symbol from our birth years!



What a fun and awesome way to spend a warm December night with our cousins!


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