Monday, December 27, 2021

Covid Christmas

Since our plans for getting together for Thanksgiving were foiled due to our cousins having COVID, everyone decided to come for a visit after Christmas instead this year! It started out great... full of fun, dance parties and dress up...

Unfortunately, only a few minutes after arriving, Grandpa said he didn't feel well, so he was quarantined to a bedroom until the next day when we could get our hands on a COVID test (they are NOT easy to find these days!!!!). Luckily, someone on the block had an extra one, and he very quickly tested positive :( So, we all put on masks, and he and Nannie sadly packed up and headed home immediately. 

After sending them air hugs from the porch, we went straight to cleaning and disinfecting the house just to be safe, and Bridget went to get a rapid test since she was around him before they got to NC. Luckily, she was negative, so we were able to spend a few more days with our cousins!

We were also super fortunate that we had a rare, week-long heat wave of high 70-degree weather in December, so we could be outside, on the porch and have all the doors and windows open for the rest of the time they were here! We hung out on the porch A LOT and played some fun games together!

We even decorated Christmas cookies together in our t-shirts at the backyard bar!


We had fun teaching the dogs some new tricks in the backyard with their obstacle course they got for Christmas!


For those of us who stayed in to play the epic Fortnite marathon, we had lots of places to space out, and were able to have all the playroom windows open (although we had quite a few calls from neighbors wondering why everyone was screaming at each other)! At least we all made the best out of the situation and still were able to enjoy some family time...

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