Monday, September 14, 2020

Mom's girl's weekend at the beach!

I got to go on my annual girl's weekend to the beach, which was even cancelled once due to a hurricane, but we finally made it and had a wonderful time of friends, fun and some relaxation!

A little rain threatened our fun, but we got in plenty of time to enjoy the beach! There was also still quite a bit of damage from the hurricane a month ago, so we're very thankful we were able to go!

We tried to catch some crab for dinner, and only managed to find a puffer fish!

It may have been a little rainy at times, but we had an awesome boat trip to Provisions for lunch!

Masks were definitely a new addition to our trip this year...

There's always a lot of fun to be had on our trips together!

It was a beautiful time to get away, relax, have fun and catch up with best friends amidst this crazy year of 2020!

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Trip to the Asheville Mountains

We had an awesome last minute trip to Asheville, where we kept ourselves busy hiking in the mountains, jumping into waterfalls, exploring & ziplining! Everyone was super brave, and had a great time! Thanks for the dangerous adventures, Dad!

Despite the shirt, this girl did ALL the stuff!

One of the top spots on our list was the famous sliding rock, but the water was too high and moving quickly, so they only let us see it. We'll have to do some sliding next time!

There were a lot of beautiful places along the BlueRidge Parkway where we could stop and see the views and a bunch of waterfalls!

Emily is quite the photographer, and loves playing around with the camera!

The morning was a bit misty, cool and overcast, so it made it hard to see from the top of the highest point! But we definitely tried!

We actually hiked up pretty far, and you can see our cars in the parking lot far off in the distance!

The views were breathtaking when the weather cleared!

Not all the secret waterfall paths were clear on which way to go...

The top of Brian's list was jumping off the rocks into the 50 degree spring fed water... I was quite impressed with everyone's bravery!

Everyone definitely thought the water was freezing!

But he was still all smiles!

Trying to convince Emily was the hardest, and I don't blame her... it was freezing!

Day 2 was an awesome ziplining adventure, with 6 different zip lines, and some we even got to go backwards and upside down! Again, I was so impressed with everyone's bravery

We got to ride on some awesome ATV's to get to the course in the woods!

The girls loved going upside down!

Apparently, the harness isn't all that comfortable, and definitely not for the boys!

Even Ben rode with no hands!

Look... no arms or hands... shot from the Go-Pro!

We enjoyed some local cuisine, and White Duck taco shop was awesome!

Those masks really do get in the way sometimes!

We're so thankful for our fun family adventures, and we even managed to be able to do our remote schooling in the car! We made awesome memories, and had a good time doing some "normal" and adventurous things again! Can't wait to see what Brian has planned next...

Abby's summer is off to a pretty sweet start!

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