Friday, August 14, 2009

Aunt Bridget & Uncle Kevin's wedding day!

It's here, it's here, it's here! I have been waiting FOREVER for this day, and Aunt Bridget & Uncle Kevin's wedding day is FINALLY here! It was a warm, sunny day, and everything was PERFECT! From the hair & makeup, to the dresses and tuxedos, to the ceremony & onto the party (with LOTS of dancing), and even the cake, the whole day was AWESOME! Here are some of my favorite parts from their special day...


The day began with hair & makeup for everyone, while I took a MUCH needed nap to get ready for the party!

Aunt Bridget got in a little "Emmy time" before getting dressed, since she's still a real puker these days!

All of her flowers were so pretty. I loved all of the pinks, but I still think my flower girl basket looked the best!

Aunt Bridget was so excited to get ready and finally put her beautiful dress on... It took a couple of tries to get it on her, but once it was on, she looked perfect!

Grandpa was SO proud and a little bit nervous, but he did a great job! He couldn't believe how beautiful Aunt Bridget looked!

I was SO excited when I woke up from my nap and mommy said it was FINALLY time to put on my pretty party dress that my Nannie made for me! While mommy got Emily dressed into her matching dress, one of Aunt Bridget's bridesmaids, Miss Colleen, made my hair SO pretty. I even sat still while she curled it with a REAL curling iron! I couldn't wait to see my flower girl basket & practice holding it "really really tight"!

I thought Aunt Bridget was so beautiful when I saw her, even though I was a little shy for pictures. She was VERY brave to hold my puky sister while she was in her wedding dress, but she was ready! Nannie made her a beautiful lace bib to match her dress, but it only lasted a few minutes... oh well!

Daddy had the right idea... he wore his raincoat while holding Emily to keep his tuxedo clean!

Aunt Bridget couldn't wait to go to the church to get married! I thought my dress was beautiful, but hers was gorgeous!

Nannie, Grandpa, and all the girls got to ride to the church in a HUGE car they call a limosine, and mommy even let me go too! It was SO cool!

I did such an awesome job during the ceremony! I walked VERY slowly down the aisle ALL by myself, and held onto my flower basket REALLY, REALLY tight! Mommy and daddy were so proud of me. Here's a little video of me walking down the aisle!

After the ceremony and about a bazillion pictures, we finally got to go to the party! (Mommy couldn't take any pictures during the ceremony or afterwards because she was in the wedding, but I'll post some when we get the photographers pictures back!)

Emily had a blast too, and was actually awake for some of the reception! She's a great baby now!

As soon as the party started, I danced the night away! I definately kept daddy's dance card full, but snuck in a few other dances along the way, with little Kevin & mommy... Grandpa was too embarrasing to dance with!

Daddy's a CRAZY dancer!

I also had a fun time dancing with Aunt Bridget... she's almost as good a dancer as I am!

Half way through the night, I told mommy, "I want to take my party dress off now and put on my Dora nike and slippers... I'm really really sleepy, but I'm going to come back for cake, ok????"

Daddy loved dancing with Emmy and I at the end of the night!

Aunt Bridget danced alone with Grandpa, while he just beamed, and Uncle Kevin also got to dance with his mommy while Aunt Bridget cheered them on.

FINALLY, they announced it was time to cut the cake... Aunt Bridget and Uncle Kevin had a hard time cutting it, but they fed each other when they were done. I'm not sure why they couldn't feed themselves, but mommy said it's just something brides and grooms do.

I couldn't wait to dig into the cake... in fact, I couldn't even wait to find silverware! Grandpa couldn't wait either!

By the end of the night, I kept telling everyone I was "really really sleepy, and need my binkies and bunny in the car."I fell asleep in the parking lot, but had an AWESOME time!

Congratulations Aunt Bridget & Uncle Kevin! When can we do this again????

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