Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pool party!

The day after Aunt Bridget and Uncle Kevin's wedding, his parents had a pool party/barbeque at their house. I could have cared less about the barbeque part of it, because the pool was AWESOME!!! I had a blast showing daddy how I can swim all by myself with my new floaties. He was so proud of me!


I showed him how I can close my eyes before jumping into the pool and going all the way under water!

Nannie tried helping me go down the big waterslide, but...

...she lost her footing and fell in the pool with me! We were both very surprised!

After that, everyone started having a blast in the pool!

Emily had a good time hanging out with Dancey-Dancey and Pop-Pop too!

I was sad to see the weekend over, but I had a blast!

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