Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our week at Nannie and Grandpa's house

Mommy, Emily & I went to stay with our Nannie & Grandpa for almost a week while we had people at our house painting. Mommy said it was too crazy here, so we had to get out of the house. It worked out great, because I had a blast! We went to the beach one beautiful morning to swim in the ocean & work on our tans for Aunt Bridget's wedding. The water was SO warm, but really wavy... I kept getting knocked over, and Emily didn't enjoy herself too much, so our trip was short, but I had a great time.


My favorite part was definately when Aunt Bridget and I practiced "wedding" every chance we could get... I'm not sure who had more fun-- me with my ocean animal "flower basket", or Aunt Bridget dressed up in my mommy's wedding gown!

Aunt Bridget and I even practiced putting on pretend make-up to get ready for the big day! I can't wait until mommy lets me wear REAL make-up, but she says I have to wait until I'm 20... it's better than daddy not letting me date until I'm 40!

I also got to take a bubble bath one night in Nannie's big bathtub! This is the life!

Thanks for an awesome time Nannie, Grandpa & Aunt Bridget!

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