Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wedding Rehearsal

The big weekend has finally arrived!!!! It's time for Bridget's wedding! I've been talking about this and getting ready for what seems like FOREVER, and I was SO excited to be going to my Nannie's house to get the party started!


Thursday night we went to the church to practice my big part... I'm going to be a flower girl! I was a little upset that I couldn't wear my pretty party dress that night, but I did a great job practicing...

I was a little nervous when Aunt Bridget told me I was going to walk all by myself, but I did a great job following her Matron of honor, Miss Kristen down the aisle (who was my FAVORITE person this weekend)!

The ring bearer, Jackson, was SO cute, I just HAD to sneak a kiss... he didn't like it so much though...

My daddy's cousins Bobby, Kevin & Connor were my buddies all weekend. I had a blast playing with the boys!

The rehearsal dinner was in my Nannie & Grandpa's backyard under a big tent. Everyone had a great time!

As usual, I spent the whole evening playing with the boys on Grandpa's tire swing.

Then it was off to bed to get ready for the big day...

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