Saturday, April 30, 2022

Emily's sleepover

Emily has really loved school this year, and is making so many new friends! So many, that she planned a 7 girl sleepover this weekend! They all had a great time, and they all apparently follow the blog now and wanted an opportunity to appear :)

Monday, April 25, 2022

Goodbye Grandpa Dave

On April 16, 2022, the man we've known as "Grandpa Dave" passed away after a lifetime battle with Agent Orange from the Vietnam War. We have enjoyed looking through pictures, remembering sweet times together (especially the special bond he had with Ben), and rejoicing in knowing that he was able to spend the most glorious Easter this year in heaven with his God. Those he's left behind are missing him, but comfort comes in knowing where he is now. Our prayers continue to be with his family, his friends and especially our Mom and she learns to navigate this life without him. May God hold each of your tightly and give you some peace during this time. 



Jenn and Ryan flew to North Carolina, and the three of us drove to South Carolina to be with our Mom during this time... Even though the kids couldn't make the trip, leave it up to their Mor-Mor to make sure they were "there" with us every morning for breakfast!

Even though it was for a sad occasion, it was so nice having time together again so soon from our last visit together!

The visitation was filled with beautiful pictures, flowers & friends who came to share their stories of Dave with us.


Jenn and Ryan were pretty awesome coffee and cookie servers!

We are so thankful for all of the wonderful friends Mom has there supporting her.


This was a beautiful memory capturing Dave's son saying goodbye with his grand-daughter by his side.

Saying goodbye is never easy.

The following morning we headed to the church for a beautiful service, followed by a touching military and masonic funeral at the gravesite. 


After the services, we went back to the church to have lunch and spend time with the family. We enjoyed getting to know them the last few days, and know Mom is in good hands when we're gone.

We love you so much Mom, and are here for anything you need! 

Goodbye for now, Grandpa Dave... until we see you again someday...

Prom Time!

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