Saturday, April 2, 2022

Color Run 5K!

We all ROCKED the middle school color run 5K this past weekend! Brian trained and finished in 27 minutes, which we're so proud of him for! Somehow all of our groups came in exactly 10 minutes apart from each other... Abby followed in at 37 minutes, Ben & Mom made it in 47 minutes, and Emily and her friend took the leisurely route and finished in 57 minutes! It was a beautiful crisp morning, and we had so much fun doing this with friends!


Everyone started out strong!

Dad looked like he was flying with his hair back and his race tag blowing in the wind...

We definitely got tired, and the halfway sign was more discouraging to some... good thing Mom was our cheerleader and kept us all going!

We finished covered in colored chalk from the run and love our new medals! Go Beach Family!

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