Monday, April 11, 2022

Trip to our deserted ski resort for spring break!

For spring break from school this year, we decided to head to the mountains with our neighbors for a week of fun! The weather didn't always cooperate, but we had a blast spending time together!

We stopped on the way to our cabin at the Sierra Nevada Brewing company to check out the brewery, have lunch, and let the dogs get out of the car for a bit.

They actually turned out to be pretty good travelers, so they deserved the break!

They sat right next to our table at the restaurant, and everyone around us loved them!


After some pretty crazy mountain roads, we arrived at our cabin in the woods for the week, and the views were beautiful!

Audrey could not be more excited to see some leftover snow from the night before!

It wasn't long before the hot tub was discovered and enjoyed by all the kids, while the adults unpacked and cooked dinner...

Luna really wanted to check it out, but there was a no dog rule...

After dinner, Brian decided it would be "fun" to have a tortilla fight, and he somehow managed to cut Ben right in the eyebrow! It was a lucky (or unlucky if you were Ben) shot, and a lot more shells were thrown!


After dinner was cleaned up, we headed out together to explore the Scenic Wolf Resort... Let's just say the views of the mountains was beautiful, but this was one of the most run down, dirty and abandoned "ski resorts" we've ever seen. It felt like we were in a zombie movie, and the world just stopped as it was, and became run down by survivors. The kids were even going to try to make a movie, but we settled on some pictures and videos of the place instead.

There was a whole locked room full of skiis...

The "ski hospital" was absolutely terrifying...

The pool house hadn't been used in years, and the hot tub was black!

All of the ski lifts and towers will still there, but rusting away... It was a great place to explore though!



When we walked back to our cabin, it looked like we were the only ones there at all! 

As creepy as this place was, the views were simply beautiful!

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