Saturday, April 9, 2022

Happy 13th Birthday Emily!

Emily, you have graced us with your presence for 13 wonderful years, and we could not imagine a single minute without you in it! You are so compassionate, independent, spunky, funny & intelligent, and we learn how to be better people a little bit everyday from you. Keep being awesome, and happy birthday! 
We love you so much!

I let the kids play hooky from school and this teenager got a fun shopping spree at the mall!

We decorated at home to celebrate with her favorite dinner: french toast casserole!

Some of her gifts were quite practical, as she needed a lot of socks... presents are much more fun when you are younger!


Her favorite gift was most definitely her new white Doc Martens! See... some gifts can still be fun!


Her request after dinner was a family night of bowling, and we all had a blast!

Ben tried out a few techniques, and had a few victories!


Her other request was to make her own birthday cake for her neighbor party the next night, and although we all helped a bit, it turned out great!


We had a fun pizza party with friends to round out a great weekend celebration!

Happy Birthday Emily!

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