Saturday, August 23, 2008

Aunt Bridget... come back!

My Aunt Bridget came to stay at my house for a whole week, and I miss her so much already! We had so much fun together, and I wanted her to stay so badly, that I even hid her keys so she couldn't leave (unfortunately, daddy found them). We did so many cool things together...

Over the weekend, we went to the little zoo by our house with Uncle Kevin, and we saw the animals, fed the birds, rode on the "choo-choo", went on the carousel, and even played in the park together!

One day during the week, Aunt Bridget, mommy, & I went to a cool place called Peddler's Village where there is lots of shopping, and a REALLY cool place for me to play! I went on tons of rides, and played in the discovery land. My favorite toy there was still Aunt Bridget's purse!

She helped me pick fruit for my shopping basket...

And even helped me ring it up on the cash register...

She also helped me go fishing...

And of course we went on another carousel together. Aunt Bridget said this one was too fast for her, but I loved it!

Thanks for a great time Aunt Bridget... please come back soon!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I love summer!

There's no better way to spend a warm summer day than in the sprinkler...

I even got to learn all about how a hose works today!

If one is good... two MUST be better!

Friday, August 15, 2008

A new park

Mommy and I checked out a new park today... they are so much cooler, now that I can climb on everything myself (and mommy says it's a little more dangerous too)!

Will you stop taking my picture now, mommy?????

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My trip to Nannie & Grandpa's house

Mommy & I went to Nannie and Grandpa's house this week for a visit. Aunt Bridget was there, and we all had so much fun together!

We went to the beach one afternoon, and I got to swim in the ocean for the first time! I LOVED it... especially collecting all the rocks!

We all took a family walk one night, and I got to walk Scarlet all by myself! I felt like such a big girl! At the end, I got to collect rocks again! This is my new favorite past time!

Thanks for a great visit!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy 1/2 birthday to me!

Every year on my 1/2 birthday (August 2nd), my mommy has decided to make me half a birthday cake! She did it last year too, but I wasn't old enough to try it then. This year, she made it extra special and decorated it with my FAVORITE-- goldfish... and one and a half candles!

After getting all messy with cake, mommy & daddy let me play out in the rain... I LOVED it!

I can't wait until my next birthday party! Thankfully I only have to wait 6 more months!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

18 months old!

Last year at this time, I was 6 months old, and I was just learning to sit up, starting to play peek-a-boo, I loved my johnny jump-up, and playing with my feet was the coolest thing...

I sure have done alot of growing this year...

Now I'm 18 months old, and these are some of things I'm enjoying these days:

* Climbing, running, "jumping", spinning, clapping, rolling, stamping, dancing... anything that gets me moving!

* Brushing my teeth & "spitting" (this is one of my favorite things these days)!

* Telling mommy when I have a "poopie" diaper (how embarrasing)!

* Talking ALL the time (I have about 50 words that I know & use all by myself, and repeat MANY others... mommy & daddy have to watch out)!

* Doing sign language to let mommy & daddy kow what I want when I can't tell them the word (I've been doing this for months!)

* ANYTHING to do with water... swimming, baths & showers!

* Watching my Baby Einstein sign language video (I bring mommy the remote & say "moo-eee"

* Emptying out my toy bins on the floor and climbing in.

* Playing hide-n-go-seek with daddy & Cody.

* Playing ring-around-the-rosie... I could play this all day!

* Pointing to my body parts: head, tummy, toes, eyes, ears, nose, teeth, etc...

* "Clipping" clips (my high chair, stroller, baby stroller, back pack, lifejacket, etc...) This is DEFINATELY my favorite this to do these days!

* Finally eating some solid foods... but I still don't like vegetables!

* Getting into trouble (mommy and daddy started giving me time-outs this week). They think it's working, but I don't think they get that I LIKE being by myself! I have a blast in "baby jail" for my minute long time-outs!

* My favorite people these days are still mommy, daddy, and of course, Cooo-eeee!

Thanks for watching me grow!... I can't imagine what I'll be up to in another 6 months! Yikes!

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