Wednesday, April 28, 2021

It's a Zoo Life

We've been enjoying the creativity of asynchronous days this year, and this time, it was a trip to a petting zoo that's so crazy, it's even been on a TLC TV show! It's the most hands-on zoo we've ever gone too, and we had so much fun making memories with our friends! It was kind of crazy too, because it was out first outdoor outing with the mask mandate lifted! Some of us were more comfortable with it than others, but we'll all get there!

You can check out more about the zoo/ family farm here: It's a Zoo Life

Their front sign fell down that morning, but Miss Kari and I still tried to grab a picture there!

They have several kangaroos and wallabies, including some new babies that like to be held and bottle fed!


The baby goats were only 2 months old and still needed bottle feeding too!

The emus were aggressive eaters, but still let us pet them.

Ben loved feeding the 1,000+ pound camel!

The giant tortoise was... giant!

They had a bunch of guinea pigs, including some babies and some hairless ones...


We don't remember what kind of lizard this is, but it was so cool to touch! It felt like a beaded purse!

Ben was bummed the fox wasn't "touchable", but he was still SO excited to see one!

The lemurs LOVED climbing from shoulder to shoulder!

Ben was shocked to find out we could go IN and pet the wolf pups, and climb around their cave!

We completely forgot what this little guy was called, but he LOVED snuggling with Abby!


We visited with a hungry mama pig before chasing after her piglets...

Emily was the first to catch one of those fast little piggies!

The two week old baby bunnies were SO tiny!

Apparently, Emily LOVES chickens! Who knew?!?!?!?

Before heading home after this hot day of fun, we passed the sloth who was done hanging off the jungle gym and decided to go in for some shade too...

What an awesome day with so many fun memories!

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