Saturday, April 10, 2021

Epic Monday Fun Day thanks to Mor-Mor!

Mor-Mor wanted to treat us to a day of treats and fun while the cousins were together, so we had an awesome time thinking of ideas together! While some were pretty crazy ideas, we settled on a day filled with something for everyone, and are very thankful for the beautiful weather and our wonderful mom for giving us many new memories! Thank you Mor-Mor!

We started our day with some lattes at our favorite coffee shop downtown and a walk around NC State campus.

Brian had the good fortune of a bird pooping right on his head... Apparently that's pretty rare and good luck, and now he shared that memory with Mor-Mor from a church day long ago!

After NC state, we drove over to Pullen Park in downtown Raleigh for a few more photo ops and a walk around the lake.

After the park, we headed downtown to the Morgan Street food hall for lunch. There was almost no one there, and everything we got was awesome! We also had a lobster roll for Mor-Mor!

After we were thoroughly full, we shifted gears and headed to Adventure landing for some mini golf, go-cart racing and laser tag!


After having loads of fun playing games, we decided to refuel on our way home and picked up some hand-rolled ice cream from milk lab! Mor-Mor does love a good hot fudge sundae!

When we got home, we made a campfire and had a weenie roast with smores in the backyard in honor of Mor-Mor (and no, we didn't forget the mustard!) :) 

Thank you Mor-Mor for an awesomely fun day to spend together! We all had a blast!

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