Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween this year with good friends! We had some strong storms move in, but we were able to get in a lot of trick-or-treating before wrapping up!

We had a witch, a fox and a dinosaur this year!!!!

We had quite a crew for dinner at our place before heading out to get some candy!

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Basement project is done!

When we bought our house 3 1/2 years ago, we loved our unfinished basement! We've spent many hours down there playing "school", rollerblading, doing arts and crafts like Easter eggs, kid carnivals, and countless birthday party pinata fun! It's been a great kid space for us, but it was time to upgrade to a "grownup" hangout space! We've been working on finishing it ourselves for a year now, and we are finally getting to enjoy it! Come by sometime and check it out!

It's been fun, but time to transform things a bit...

Don't ask Mom why the paint in the gym and bathroom look so different... This was a HUGE thorn in her side, so she was off to pick new colors...

And definitely don't them starting on the ceiling debacle! 

When we put the floor in, we could see by the color difference on the walls, that this is a very light-dependant space that changes all the time! 

Emily loved helping Mom distress the roofing metal for the bar! It was a true DIY project!

Mom stained and put together the barn doors, and low-and behold... another crazy issue! The two doors must have been different grains of wood because they were totally different colors too!

So, they took them apart and mix-and-matched them!

The find on the air hockey table was a great one, and even though it's a little loud down there, it's great for now, and we have a great time playing with our friends!

Mom was super excited when the bar top was finally picked and installed! It ties in all the wood and metal perfectly!

A few decorating touches, and it's finally put together and we've loved hanging out down there! Looking forward to many more awesome years of entertaining down there! (If you click on the pictures, it will bring them up much bigger so you can see everything!)

COme enjoy our fun new space with us anytime!

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