Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm a little faker...

This is my... "I-did-something-I-wasn't-supposed-to-so-I'll-make-this-really-pathetic-face-so-I-don't-get-in-trouble" look! It really works good, but I think mommy's catching on now... I kind of do it ALOT these days! See, here are some more...

See... I was just kidding!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Getting around...

I'm ALL over the place now! This is GREAT!


Just because of a LITTLE crawling, and a LITTLE exploring...

I've been locked up!!!!

Get me out of here Cody!

Actually, it's pretty fun in here! I've got all my toys, and I LOVE standing up all over the place! Maybe "baby jail" isn't so bad!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone had a special day, and could spend it with family like I did. My nannie & grandpa came to my house to celebrate, and I tried my very first taste of turkey. I didn't really like it too much, but mommy let me feed myself, so it was a lot of fun... and messy! Thank goodness for sweet potatoes... I can always count on them!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas pictures!

Mommy & daddy put our Christmas tree up early this year so they could get some pictures of me. I LOVE all the lights, and I even had fun posing for all my pictures! I think the presents are my favorite though...

Look at me!

I think this video says it all... I'm a big girl now! (I take back what I said about crawling yesterday... this is cool!)

Monday, November 19, 2007

I can walk (with help)!

Mommy and Daddy bought me this really cool walker, and I'm already getting the hang of it! Just watch my video! It kind of gets away from me sometimes (especially when I'm not on the carpet), but it's fun to try and keep up! Mommy says I'm growing up to fast... but I think it's awsome! Who needs crawling anyway?!?!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Just hanging out

My mommy & I are just hanging out this morning, playing with my new favorite toy. I LOVE my activity table, with all of the buttons that play songs that I can dance to. I can even pull myself up to it, and walk all the way around by myself while holding on! Mommy says it's called cruisin'!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I can move now!

I haven't quite got the crawling thing down yet, but this is my new mode of transportation... I lean forward to get something, fall on my tummy, then use my big head to lift myself back up to a sitting position (hopefully ending up closer to my goal...). It usually gets me where I want to go, but now I have a rug burn on my forehead! If all else fails, I just keep rolling until I get where I want to be! Daddy says I'll figure out crawling soon...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

9 months old!

This past Friday, I turned 9 months old! We celebrated because I have now spent more of my little life out in this great big world, than in mommy's tummy! I have been SO busy growing, and am doing so many new & cool things... I am almost ALWAYS happy, smiling & laughing, but mommy says I'm beginning to get a little temper. I just know what I want, and when I want it... that's all! I'm THINKING about crawling someday soon, and even beginning to "cruise" a little while holding onto furniture... mommy & daddy better baby proof our house soon! I'm pulling myself up on my own, and walking slowly with help. I'm sleeping 10-12 hours at night (most nights, unless I feel liking seeing my mommy... and then I let her know!), I "talk" ALL the time (I can say "ma-ma", "da-da", and "ba-ba") & LOVE screaching really loud!

Some of my favorite things now are:

* Jumping in my jumper (always a favorite), sitting & playing, eating cheerios, sitting in shopping carts, dancing to music, sleeping with my binkie & soft bunny, riding on daddy's shoulders & in my hiking backpack, playing with Cody, stealing the tv remotes and pushing all the buttons, touch and feel books (especially "Pat the Bunny"), putting everything in my mouth, and ESPECIALLY my mommy & daddy!

Some things I don't like very much are:

* Eating or touching any chunky or slimy foods (why can't I just stick to smooth baby food?), and getting my face wiped, sitting still (I'm ALWAYS on the move... I even move around in my sleep!)

I SAID I was a happy baby... mommy could hardly think of any things I don't like! Well, all that growing is SO exhausting... I think I'm going to rest these big blue eyes and take a nap now! Thanks for catching up on my activities! I'll keep you posted if anything new happens!

My first trip to the beauty parlor

I went with mommy to the beauty parlor today and watched while she got her hair cut. When the lady was finished with her hair, she even styled mine too! I felt so grown up!

Friday, November 2, 2007

No pasta please, mom!

I do NOT like eating anything chunky or slimy! I don't even like touching them! I tried pasta the other night, and this is what happened... Check out this video! Why can't I just have baby food & cheerios??? Mommy says I have a little temper already!

(There are some other new videos in my photobucket account, and one back in an October post, called "I can stand by myself now!")

Thursday, November 1, 2007

A quick little message...

I think mommy forgot to tell people that you can click on each picture, and it will make it big so you can see it better! Enjoy browsing! :)

Prom Time!

It was prom weekend here, and Abby had an amazing time with her friends! When did we get old enough for this?!?!?!?! My awesome assistant an...