Monday, April 29, 2024

Reliving some younger childhood memories...

One of our favorite places to visit when we were smaller was Great Wolf Lodge, so when our neighbors with little kids asked if we wanted to join them on their recent trip, we jumped on it! It brought back so many fun memories, and we had a blast!

We've had fun over the years! 




2024: We've grown quite a bit but still had a blast!

We headed straight to the waterpark and met up with the neighbors!

There was also a ropes course that Emily LOVED doing with Brian (although he has a little fear of heights, so it was a bit stressful for him). I give him so much credit though for doing it! 

After the waterpark, we met up with the neighbors for an evening with dinner & some fun in the arcade!

Back in the room was a sweet time, hanging with the kids before heading back to real life...

We had another fun excursion with lots of memories to enjoy!

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Next stop on the college tour: UNC Charlotte!

The next stop on our State college tour in NC was in Charlotte at the UNC campus! It was a beautiful day, and the campus was breathtaking! All of the old brick buildings, mature trees and beautiful common areas made me feel like we were all off to college!

There were no formal tours since it was a Saturday, so we did the self-guided campus tour and even watched a few of the videos they had posted about each site...

In one of the student centers, we found some "napping pods" that let you enjoy the dark while listening to  some relaxing music and even get a massage! Why don't I have one of these in my house?!?!?!

We also found some adorable study spaces all over campus...

Emily loved the late-night activity center, with a stage for shows & a midnight snack shop! This might be a winning school on HER list!

We had a great afternoon together, and are looking forward to seeing what is next on our tour list!

After our tour, we checked into our hotel room and then took off for downtown Charlotte for the evening...

We stopped at a fun art museum... I had a different image in my mind on how this picture was supposed to turn out, but the kids weren't really interested in my vision...

Abby practiced her museum viewing for when she goes to the Louvre next spring...

... and it looks like Emily took another nap, but she had a great time!

We all remembered the last museum trip with Ben & reminded him of his picture taking skills!

There was a wedding set up in the museum in front of a beautiful floor-to-ceiling stained glass window!

We all enjoyed some quiet moments checking out the art...

We found even more art around the city as we walked around downtown. It was a beautiful city!

We stopped for some drinks & snacks, and again for drinks & dinner, and I'm not sure if my drink or Abby's mocktail was better! 

After dinner, we headed to the meeting place for a ghost tour that I had booked. Abby and I LOVED the one we went to in Asheville a couple years ago, and while this one wasn't QUITE like the last one, it was full of memories & theatrics for us!

We saw some of the most haunted houses downtown before heading to an old medical hospital & the town cemetery...

The city was beautiful at night, and although I'm not sure we necessarily believe all of the ghost stories we heard,  I did find a couple of suspicious pictures on my camera that night... I'm just saying... 👻

We had such a fun night together!

Prom Time!

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