Monday, April 29, 2024

Reliving some younger childhood memories...

One of our favorite places to visit when we were smaller was Great Wolf Lodge, so when our neighbors with little kids asked if we wanted to join them on their recent trip, we jumped on it! It brought back so many fun memories, and we had a blast!

We've had fun over the years! 




2024: We've grown quite a bit but still had a blast!

We headed straight to the waterpark and met up with the neighbors!

There was also a ropes course that Emily LOVED doing with Brian (although he has a little fear of heights, so it was a bit stressful for him). I give him so much credit though for doing it! 

After the waterpark, we met up with the neighbors for an evening with dinner & some fun in the arcade!

Back in the room was a sweet time, hanging with the kids before heading back to real life...

We had another fun excursion with lots of memories to enjoy!

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