Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Our week at Topsail Beach

We had an awesome week to spend with our good friends at a beach house in Topsail Island this summer. It was filled with LOTS of beach time, boogie boarding, skimboarding, surfing lessons, walks to town, good food, games & walks on the super hot and windy beach! We had a blast and made so many wonderful memories together!

This is why I don't take as many pictures anymore... :) All I did was ask them to stand and smile!

Kari and I enjoyed some fun strolls on the beach at night together!

We all took a couple walks on the beach together on the windy nights!

Abby was my stargazing partner...

Abby has an app on her phone that helps us find the constellations... Star gazing has come a long way since I was a teenager! We even saw three shooting stars together!

The days were all very hot, and SUPER windy, but we got A LOT of beach time in!

I have never heard about coquina clams before, but Ben & Audrey found HUNDREDS of them! Check out the cool video of them!

Ben and Audrey were the best sand players of the week!

Kari & Mackenzie even found some shark teeth!

The waves were big, so boogie boarding was a blast!

This was our view of Audrey the WHOLE week...

It was such a windy week, and the boogie boards were hard to manage... and not even just on the waves!

Our neighbor had a skim board that we brought to try!

While there were a couple of quick successes... It definitely went more like this...

Kari & I got a couple beach trips in each day, with a quiet morning reading session, and an afternoon kids & cocktails session! 

We went pretty easy on the menu this year, but everyone seemed pretty happy!


The kids didn't want to go to the beach in the mornings, so we happily left them behind to do some crafts.

Most days ended up like this... with exhausted, sun burned, but happy families!

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