Monday, August 1, 2022

Surfing Lessons & Dads at the Beach!

The older girls had so much fun taking a surfing lesson one afternoon, and they got up so many times! I was so impressed! They wanted to show what they learned when the dads met us there, so we rented boards for a day too... I think the instructors helped much more than we thought! Surfing is not easy!

Emily looked like a professional out there if you ask me... She said her ice skating lessons have helped her balance, and she did amazing!

I was shocked at how many times all the girls got up!


When the dads arrived, even though they had to work from the house one day, Brian took his lunch break to rent a jet ski with the girls!

If you wanted to know what high winds and humidity do to short hair... here you go!

This was Ben's "attempt" at surfing...

The girls took it much more seriously!

The dads did awesome too, even though they didn't get up (well, Curry said he did once but I was too busy taking pictures of his kids to notice...)

Check out how awesome they all looked!

We also got to enjoy a couple nights out with the guys exploring the town of Topsail, and wrapped up an awesome vacation together!

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