Sunday, August 28, 2022

Hot Summer Days...

 This summer has been a crazy one, and very HOT, so our awesome group of friends has been figuring out how to stay close and cool together with so many fun times!

We've had some crazy storms, including one that brought a lightning strike that took out our new hot tub, but this night, we actually lost power in the middle of dinner together and it lasted over 16 hours! It didn't stop us from hanging out though!

We've had a few shopping trips together to keep cool, and as always, Emily can read a mean book to us on the stage at Barnes and Noble!

Our neighbors FINALLY got their shuffleboard table, and we've had many tournaments already! I just have to say that I'm not surprised, but Mackenzie and I won the first one together as a team!

Mr. Nick planned an epic "ham night" a month in advance since he was so excited to have his Grandma's ham loaf recipe, and try my Grandma's famous ham spaghetti!

Taylor even made some special drawings to let us know where the party was!



Everything was awesome!

Mackenzie's half birthday happened to fall on National French Fry Day, so we figured it was as good a time as any to have dinner together in the middle of the week!


And Audrey celebrated her half birthday mid week with grilled cheese sandwiches, and a smore's charcuterie board for National Smore's Day!

Miss Kari somehow bought too many bagels and needed to use them up, so we've been having egg sandwiches for dinner several times now on Sunday nights!

Emily's new passion these days is ice skating, as she's continuing on in her lessons, and she wanted to enjoy a free skate day with friends, so we all headed out to support her! She is definitely the strongest skater in our bunch, but we all had fun keeping cool!

I'm the only one who fell, and of course I was able to snap a picture from the ground, just in time to see Kari holding on the side and laughing hysterically at me!


We also enjoyed an awesome warm night with beautiful skies out at our local ballpark! The game was awful, but the company was great!

We always have impromptu nights of fun together!


The kids have been enjoying some awesome sleepovers too, and Abby's "glamping night", was a 2-day event filled with reading, writing, shopping & fun with her friend! We're going to miss these awesome summer days!

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