Saturday, April 10, 2021

Spring break with the cousins!

We had an awesome spring break with our Michigan cousins coming for our first visit together in almost 2 years, thanks to coronavirus... We had a lot to accomplish in our week together, and it was quite impressive how much we did!

There were a lot of photo ops, and this one was at a fun wall right in our own town!

Southern snowballs cooled us down on one of the hot spring days we had!

Alayna and Emily are so much alike... I love it!

We attempted our first loaves of cardamom bread together... They most definitely didn't turn out like the ones we remember, but they were edible at least!

We also made some great food this week, and I think the loaded tots were a top hit!

Jenn and I got a day to go out shopping downtown and go out to lunch. Sweet sister time!

Megan wanted a lot of graduation pictures taken to announce her upcoming plan to go to Hope college, and it turns out Alayna is a natural photographer! I loved showing her a few tricks, and she did an awesome job!

We had beautiful weather to walk around the lake & hang out outside together!

Misophonia sisters!

The girls had some "mimosas" and a salon day in the driveway!

We also had an awesome time hanging out in the basement together and playing games!

Thanks for a fun and awesome visit together!

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