Thursday, April 22, 2021

Virtual learning from the beach!

This year has definitely been different with virtual school from home, so we decided to do something fun and awesome to make even more unique school memories! Mom & our neighbor, Miss Kari, rented a house on the beach for a week, so we could do school with a view, and enjoy our down time soaking in some rays and boogie boarding in the ocean! We had an awesome time, and will definitely remember these sweet moments we shared with good friends!

We brought Dad's mobile hot spot and successfully did one of our school days in the car!

The kids made the grocery list... Can you tell?!?!?!?

The view from our deck was breathtaking, and we knew it was going to be an awesome week!

After unpacking, we headed straight down to the frigid, cold water and got right to swimming... The moms thought we were totally crazy, but we had a blast!

After the freezing ocean, it was always nice to run right back to the hot tub at the house!

After dinner on our first night, we took a nice long stroll on the beach together...

Ben played in the sand ALL day... from the moment he woke up, and even after the sun went down before bed... He is definitely a beach bum!

Nighttime in the hot tub was awesome!

The first full day we were there was an "asynchronous" day, so as long as we got our work done at some point, we didn't have any live calls to get on, so we got in a lot of swimming that day!

A backwards bathing suit never stops Ben...


The waves were not only freezing, but crystal clear and HUGE! We LOVED them!

Audrey had awesome surfer toys that you could throw into the water and they always surfed right back to shore... She and Ben played with them for hours!

The next morning, everyone was up bright and early to get to "school"...


As the kids worked, the moms exercised before laying out the rest of the day!

Lunch break on the sand and in the hot tub is not a bad deal!

After school, there was always time for some afternoon swimming!

We had a quick storm move through one afternoon, but it made for a beautiful evening on the beach!

Miss Kari and mom enjoyed some mimosas on their last morning to celebrate their beach week!

The wind was a bit strong and made it cold at times, and definitely stirred up the waves for boogie boarding, but it never stopped us!

The last night was FREEZING on the beach, but again... those crazy kids STILL went swimming while the moms stayed huddled under their blankets!

We had an awesome week filled with so many memories, and are so thankful that we got to share this time with good friends!

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