Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy 1/2 birthday to me!

Every year on my 1/2 birthday (August 2nd), my mommy has decided to make me half a birthday cake! She did it last year too, but I wasn't old enough to try it then. This year, she made it extra special and decorated it with my FAVORITE-- goldfish... and one and a half candles!

After getting all messy with cake, mommy & daddy let me play out in the rain... I LOVED it!

I can't wait until my next birthday party! Thankfully I only have to wait 6 more months!!!


Unknown said...
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jay_say said...

I didn't think about doing a birthday cake for 1/2 birthday... what a great idea... gets them used to the idea of candles too!

PS - Sorry about the previous comment... it was still logged onto my husband's account.

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