Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Rainy Hikes & The Never-Ending Game Day!

We came to the mountains to get away, enjoy nature, and do some hiking, but the foggy, rainy weather didn't make for the best experiences... One ambitious group of us went anyway and took the dogs on a 5 mile hike at Bailey Mountain in the rain...


It was all smiles in the beginning!

You could see the fog rolling in and out all day...

I heard the top was cold and wet, but they made it!

When the rain cleared for a few moments, it was a beautiful view!

The dogs had a blast!

Meanwhile, back in the cozy cabin, the rest of us enjoyed a day full of games, cooking, hot-tubbing and relaxing... In MY opinion, we made the MUCH better choice that day!



When the hiking crew got back, there were wet dogs, dirty clothes, hungry kids & everyone was exhausted ( well, maybe not the smart crew that stayed home)!



After some rest, everyone rallied for more games!

When the rain moves out, this place is beautiful!

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