Monday, September 14, 2020

Mom's girl's weekend at the beach!

I got to go on my annual girl's weekend to the beach, which was even cancelled once due to a hurricane, but we finally made it and had a wonderful time of friends, fun and some relaxation!

A little rain threatened our fun, but we got in plenty of time to enjoy the beach! There was also still quite a bit of damage from the hurricane a month ago, so we're very thankful we were able to go!

We tried to catch some crab for dinner, and only managed to find a puffer fish!

It may have been a little rainy at times, but we had an awesome boat trip to Provisions for lunch!

Masks were definitely a new addition to our trip this year...

There's always a lot of fun to be had on our trips together!

It was a beautiful time to get away, relax, have fun and catch up with best friends amidst this crazy year of 2020!

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