Wednesday, December 28, 2022

A Day at Sea World

We knew the parks in Florida were going to be super busy this week, so we had made plans to spend one day at Sea World together, and we were NOT wrong about the crowds! We ended up only going on 2 rides and to 2 shows, but we had some great family time together while we waited in lines together! Even though it wasn't ideal in terms of the crowds, the weather was PERFECT, and we all had awesome memories- Kevin got to see the mime he loves, Maddy went on her first coaster, I went on my first coaster that I TOTALLY hated, and it even snowed bubbles as we walked through the amazingly decorated paths!

Some of us, (I won't name who...), didn't make the cut off to go on the big coasters, and they seemed super bummed about it!

First order of business was to put our Airtag on Maddie & Ben and review the rules of getting lost... I told her that if her butt started ringing, it meant I activated the Airtag, and she was to stay right where she was so we could find her on our app! Luckily, we never needed it, but technology is awesome these days!

Last time we went to Disney together, we tattooed the boys arms with our phone number, and Emily ended up getting lost! Thank goodness we have new tools to use!

I'm so thankful that everyone was willing to let me take pictures without too much complaining... and it turned out to be the only thing we did that we didn't have to wait in long lines for!

Maddy found lots of photo ops for us...

... and Brian and I found a mistletoe!

Kevin and I recreated our "couples" picture that we deeply regret not buying when we were on our cruise to Bermuda several years ago... This one did NOT live up to the spectacular memory that was, but at least we tried! :)

We did a quick walk through of the aquarium and found some awesome looking seahorses!

You always have to squish a penny when you go to the parks... no matter what it costs now!!!

Despite their looks, everyone did an amazing job waiting in lines!

I think the highlight of the trip was definitely the sea otter and sea lion show!

Kevin had been talking for days about the amazing mime that starts the show there, and he was pretty awesome...

... and Kevin was in heaven!

Since you had to arrive at the shows an hour early to get a seat, we went straight from the sea otter show to the orca show...

The second and last ride of the day was the Super Grover roller coaster, which was a 45 minute wait for a 30 second ride, but everyone looked like they had an AWESOME time!

Maddy approved of her first roller coaster ride, and she got to do it with Abby!

On our walk out of the park, we found snowy bubbles that made us feel like we were walking through a winter wonderland!

Thank goodness Kevin INSISTED we take more pictures before we left for the day, and although we all remember the suggestion a little differently than he does, they were my favorite family pictures of the trip!

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