Friday, December 23, 2022

Our Early Family Christmas

Our family has always loved the tradition of celebrating an early Christmas together to enjoy exchanging our gifts we bought for each other before the bustle of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day begins. This year was no different, and there was a lot of excitement in the house!

There was a lot gratefulness and quite a few surprises in our house this year!

My kids have said that they always have the super surprised looks on their faces, and when we went back and looked at some of my Christmases as a kid, I can see where they get it from! :) 

Abby was so excited to get her teeth whitening strips...

And Ben was over the moon about his new soccer cleats & glow-in-the-dark soccer ball!

Emily LOVED her bracelet that Brian picked out for her...

Ben was somehow surprised by his hand-me-down macbook that Brian set up for him to have as his own! 

My handmade Shutterfly calendars are always a fun gift, with secret surprises to be found for fun family outings during the year. This year the girls were excited to see a couple of Broadway plays that they have been wanting to see on there! We love our family date nights!

Of course the biggest surprise this year was the upgraded phones for everyone, and Ben finally joined the family plan too... My babies are growing up way too fast!

The craziest, but coolest gift of the year was the "BedJet" that Brian bought me... It's a heating/cooling fan that blows into the sheets on our bed, and either warms us up or cools us down when we need it! I think he's thinking ahead to my hot flash years, but it's awesome, and everyone loves it! 

One of the smallest, but definitely my favorite gift this year was this candle from my love... It was a wonderful morning celebrating the season together!

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