Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our trip to the children's museum

This morning mommy, Emily & I went to the Children's Museum by our house to meet up with some of our MOMS club friends, and I had a great time! There were things to play with, things to climb on, and tons of dress up clothes too! Check out all the things there were to do there:

I LOVED trying on the tu-tu's and pretending to be a ballerina:

There were all kinds of musical instruments to play, from walking on a keyboard to playing drums:

I got to go shopping in a miniature grocery store, and I emptied the shelves into my cart... all healthy stuff too!:

I was such a good homemaker in the pretend house:

I pretended to be the postal worker & sorted all the mail in the mailbox (I pretended I was mailing a letter to my daddy at work):

I dressed up like a chef and got to run my own pizza shop! I baked the pizza, used potholders to get it out of the oven VERY carefully, and even got to charge mommy play money to eat in my "yestraunt"!:

I learned about how bones move with "Moveable Mike" & drove an ambulance to help some hurt people!:

I played dress up with some feather boas, and even Emily tried one on!:

There was a HUGE dollhouse that I played with:

I went fishing, and experimented with magnets:

There was a cool wall full of tons of plastic pins that molded to my body:

I spun a wheel that moved a HUGE kaleidoscope, and saw all kinds of flowers & butterflies inside:

After calling 911 on the phone, I got to ride on the fire truck, but I wouldn't sit still long enough for mommy to take my picture...

I think the coolest part was dressing up like a construction worker and "driving" the excavator truck!:

I had a blast, and can't wait to go again with my daddy!

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