Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Yeah! It's finally Halloween!!! I woke up ready to go trick-or-treating this morning at 7am, but mommy and daddy made me wait until 11 o'clock. I LOVE my cinderella princess dress from Mor-Mor, and Emily was such a cute little ladybug.


Come on daddy... I can't wait to show Mister Al my princess costume!

We went so early, half the neighborhood was still in their PJ's!!! Don't they know a 2-year-old lives on the block and can't wait?!

Emily puked all over her costume at the very first house...

Three houses later I was all done and ready to go home and check out all my loot... M&M's are my favorite!

Kit kat's aren't too bad either!

Emily was checking it all out too...

Happy Halloween everyone... now bring on the Christmas tree (I've been talking about this for weeks!!!)

Here's a video of me giving my favorite neighbor some candy ( I was very excited and had had a little too much candy already myself)!:

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