Monday, July 12, 2021

Hanging out at Nannie & Grandpa's House

We had severals days of adventures at Nannie and Grandpa's house, filled with quad rides, hot tub soaks, new toys, trips to the beach and even some old fireworks! Thanks for a fun visit!

Ben raided the toy closet as soon as we got there, and found some old friends...


Emily looks like Bellatrix Lastrange from Harry Potter with her magic wand fireworks!

Of course Grandpa would have swords and knives around to "play" with!


A few trips to the beach were so fun, and OZZY loved swimming too!

Madelyn taught us some dance moves from her ballet recital, and one of her favorite things to do was "pose" us for pictures!

Grandpa came up with another fun, semi-safe activity of throwing darts at balloons in the backyard... It was much harder than it looked!

There were a lot of misses...

But Abby finally made a bullseye!

Abby and Mom went to the beach one morning to read, but left after 15 minutes because they were hot, fly-bitten, and got a parking ticket... Not the highlight of the trip...

We loved hanging out with the cousins too!

We also had our traditional pizza dinner on the beach, but it ended up getting cold, windy & misty, so we didn't stay too long. It was enough time for Ozzy and the boys to get in another swim though!


Our days were long, and the sun was hot, so some of us just couldn't stay up late... That's the sign of a good time!

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